How to open external links in new tabs automatically on WordPress

So that users don't lose their place on your blog.

When I switched my professional blog from Medium to WordPress two years ago, I missed some of Medium’s smart features. For instance, whenever Medium detects any link that's not from my blog i.e. an external link, it opens it in a new tab upon being clicked. This means users don't lose their place on your blog.

In WordPress, you can only make links open in new tabs by manually selecting to do so for each link. This is a lot of manual work as I need to do that for every single link in all my articles. So I looked on the web for a solution and found one.

If you are using a Business plan like I do or WordPress on a 3rd party hosting service, then just install the plugin "External Links in New Window / New Tab" on your website and activate it. If you don't know to install plugins, follow this simple guide.

Once you activate the plugin, you need to do absolutely nothing. It just works in the background and every time a user clicks on an external link, it will open those in new tabs. I chose this plugin over other solutions because it:

  • Doesn't require any external libraries to work

  • Doesn't break search engine crawling

  • Doesn't give any error if JavaScript is disabled on a user's device

Now I have the same feature as Medium on my WordPress blog. Happy blogging!

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